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Essential Aspects to Look for in a Heavy Rigid Driving Course

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If you have been operating light trucks but want to dive into the heavy truck sector, you need to take a course in heavy rigid vehicle operation. Notably, heavy rigid truck drivers commonly work in the transport and logistics industry. However, before you enrol for an HR driving course in a trade school of your choice, you need to understand the available programs. It means researching what each potential driving school has in its course outline. This article highlights crucial aspects to look for in a heavy rigid driving course.

1. Extra Pass Attempts

Operating a heavy rigid vehicle is a significant responsibility since simple mistakes can lead to serious accidents and fatalities. Therefore, trainees must pass all theory and drive tests. However, trainers understand that assessments can be stressful, and nerves can cause simple involuntary errors. It is the reason most driving schools allow two attempts to pass a driving test.

While two attempts might be enough for some trainees, you should look for a course that offers the best chance of passing. For instance, a program with an extra pass attempt is ideal because it increases your chances of passing a driving test. Most importantly, an extra third pass attempt allows you to correct whatever mistakes you might have made in the first two attempts.

2. Extra Behind-the-Wheel Training

The number of trainees in a heavy rigid driving class varies from one school to another. However, some institutions don't attempt to balance the ratio of assessors to students. Thus, it is not easy to pass if you are in a class with more trainees than an instructor can handle. In such a case, you might need to enrol in a course that offers extra behind-the-wheel training. The additional training offers students more hours with an instructor and increases the chances of passing driving tests.

3. Unlimited Pre-Drive Theory Sessions

HR driving tests are stressful, and you might feel like you are not ready to sit for the assessments. If you go ahead and sit for a theory test with such an attitude, you are likely to fail. You should sit in several pre-drive session classes until you are confident of sitting for the theory test. A heavy rigid driving course that offers unlimited pre-drive theory sessions is recommended since it gives you time to prepare and build your confidence. However, make sure there are no additional charges for the provision.