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Everything You Need to Know About Getting an HR Licence

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A heavy rigid vehicle licence permits you to drive a large vehicle with three or more axles. It allows you to handle vehicles with a gross weight of eight kilograms and above. The licence also allows you to tow heavy trailers on the road. Therefore, it is the type of licence you need if you want to become a truck driver. Heavy vehicles are more challenging to control than other vehicle types on the road. Therefore, you will need higher training for the HR licence. Here is everything you should know about getting the licence. 

Requirements for the Class

You need to attend a driving class to get the HR licence. However, you can only get training when you meet certain conditions. First, you should have a C-class with at least one year of experience on the road. You can substitute the qualification with a light rigid or medium rigid licence. The transportation department creates these pre-qualifications to ensure everyone getting into the HR class has enough training and experience in vehicle handling on the road. Learning how to manoeuvre a large and heavy vehicle is simple when you already know the basics. 

The Knowledge You Need to Pass the Test

You can choose to train and take the test from a registered training organization to get your licence. The practical driving assessment with the registered organization is slightly different. For example, you start by filling out some eligibility forms. The organization will verify your identity and do the necessary eye tests. They can then admit you to the training modules. Once you complete the training, they will give you a statement of attainment. 

The Procedure Followed on the Day of the Test

On the day of the driving test, you should submit your proof of identity and go through the procedures above. Then, you will take a heavy driving vehicle test with a testing officer. The officer usually has several tasks they ask you to perform on the road. These include braking to a line, buffer zone maintenance, safely entering traffic streams and using mirrors to observe the traffic. The specifications for every testing route are very tough. Aim for perfect scores in every task outlined. You should also ensure you have no fail items.

Getting an HR licence is easy when you understand the requirements and procedures. Talk to the institution in charge of the training for you and follow their guidelines for the best outcome.