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2 Benefits of Using an Employment Agency to Find New Staff

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Every business has a certain turnover of staff. It could be that some staff are reaching the end of their careers and are getting ready to retire or you may require new staff due to a recent expansion of your company. Whatever the reason, having to find new staff can be a real headache. Not only do you need to think about advertising the new role and interviewing candidates, but you also need to continue carrying out the day-to-day operations needed to keep your business operation. One solution to this problem is using the services offered by local employment agencies. Below is a guide to benefits of finding new staff using an employment agency.

Employment agencies are cost-effective

Some companies dislike using employment agencies due to the additional fees they need to pay out in return for the service. However, if you were to analyse the cost that advertising and interviewing staff in-house has on your business, it is highly likely this figure will be greater than the fees charged by an employment agency. This means that using an employment service could actually save you money.

Employment agencies will find the top candidates

If you advertise a job at the employment office or online, anyone can apply for it. Even if you are very specific regarding the skills and experience you require, it is likely you will receive a lot of applications from people who are not qualified to do the job. Rooting out these candidates during the shortlisting process can take a lot of time. However, employment agencies have many workers already on their books who have been pre-assessed and interviewed. This often means that they can source competent workers for both permanent and temporary roles at great speed. The employment agency will also carry out full background checks on candidates which saves you time and effort while also ensuring that candidates are of good character. This means that when candidates arrive for the interview, you can be certain that there is a high chance they will be suitable for the role. Also, because employment agencies will not advertise the job to the general public, you will not receive applications from cranks who are not qualified and do not meet the minimal standards required in the person specification.

If you would like further information and advice, you should get in touch with the staff at your local employment office today.