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Forklift Training: Things a Driver Will Learn

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Learning to drive a forklift truck involves much more than just mastering the control system. When your contractors attend a forklift truck training school, they will also learn a range of other skills. Below is a guide to some of the other skills your contractors will learn.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

As it burns gas, the engine of a forklift truck will produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas which can be deadly if inhaled for extended periods of time. On a forklift truck driving course, contractors will learn how to spot the warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. They will also learn about how to ventilate warehouses and other interior spaces when using forklift truck indoors and also how to properly ventilate the cab where they will be sitting. 

Equipment Maintenance 

During the course, contractors will also learn the basic maintenance techniques they should use to keep a forklift truck in good working order. For example, a contractor will learn how to check the oil levels in the engine and the hydraulic fluid levels in the moving parts of the forklift.

Special Clothing

Contractors will also learn about the specialist clothing they should wear when operating a forklift truck. For example, when operating a forklift truck in an industrial unit, the floor may become slipping due to a build up of oil or grease. For this reason, a contractor will be advised to wear specialist high-grip boots. Wearing gloves will also help the contractor will also help contractors to keep a grip on the steering wheel and other controls.

Loading and Unloading

Different forklift trucks have different load limits. An overloaded forklift truck is very dangerous. When a forklift is overloaded, the load my fall free of the truck placing property and life at risk. The other danger of an overloaded forklift truck is that it will cause the vehicle itself to tip over, which could put the contractor at risk of injury or death.

Blind Spots

When driving while carrying a load, a contractor who is in control of a forklift truck may not be able to see certain areas in front and behind the vehicle. On the training course, a contractor will learn the location of these blind spots and the steps they can take to mitigate the risk created by them. If you would like further information about forklift truck driving courses, you should contact a trade school today.