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3 Helpful Suggestions for Upgrading to the Medium Rigid (MR) License

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Medium rigid trucks drive the economy of Australia by facilitating the movement of freight from warehouses to retail outlets. For you to become a competent driver of a medium rigid truck, you will need to enroll in a truck driver school, where you can take the pre-drive license course to hone you driving skills. After that, you will dive into the essential practical component of driving the truck and learning all that is needed to receive a license. Here are some helpful suggestions when enrolling in the MR truck driver school.

What You Get -- The course will help you grasp the basic operation of a medium rigid truck. For example, you will know how to check the vehicle to ensure that it works perfectly before hitting the road. Pre-inspection entails checking engine oil level, coolant level in the radiator, and tyre pressure level among other components vital for the smooth functioning of the heavy truck. Before you enroll, you will be required to have held an LR or C class license for at least one year. You may probably be familiar with starting, stopping, and reversing your ordinary vehicle but this course will equip you with the skills for driving this beast. Also, you will learn how to troubleshoot the engine, and know how to identify and deal with blind spots.

The Written Exam -- Besides the practical lessons, you will have a chance to prepare and pass a written exam component. As usual, anxiety can get the better of you, especially if you have not prepared adequately. You will receive a driving assessment package to assist you in preparing for this component of the course. If you are unsuccessful, you will pay to re-sit the test. Therefore, to avoid the additional cost of retaking the assessment, ensure that you prioritize both the practical and theoretical driving evaluations. All these components will be vital if you want to receive the coveted heavy truck driver license.     

Passing the Practical Assessment -- You also need to demonstrate all that you have learned throughout the course by taking a practical driving test in a medium rigid truck. The most challenging part will be reversing the vehicle and parking it appropriately. Learn and master this aspect of driving if you want to pass with flying colors. Just like in the theoretical component, nerves can also make you make silly mistakes in this practical test. However, you will have the opportunity to take a second bite of the cherry, albeit at an extra cost. Watch and learn from your instructor to avoid incurring this additional cost, and in no time, you will be on your way to upgrading your license.

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